Buy Loose Diamonds At Wholesale Prices Online

MID House of Diamonds is one of the world`s largest and most respected manufacturers and distributors of polished diamonds and loose diamonds. We have been selling to leading retailers around the world for the past 50 years and even though we are among the top ten diamond manufacturers in the world in size, we still run our family business according to our founding principles of mutual respect, quality and dedicated service. Our vast size and resources enable us to provide the largest retailers with inventory that meets their needs.

Now that you know a little about what kind of loose diamond you are interested in, it’s time to have a look at the diamond prices. In the wholesale diamond industry, diamond prices MJ Christensen loose diamonds work a bit differently than what you might have seen before in retail diamond stores. They are divided into different categories based on carat weight – more on that later.

For example, If you use this criteria, Round shape, 1-1.05 cts, F color, IF-VVS1 clarity, 58-63% depth, 53-62% table, GIA certified on one of the search results will show you this one: 1.01/F/VVS1 depth 62.2%, table 61% GIA certificate # 287070302 you will find that there are 5 different jewelers are selling this exact stone, which means they do not carry their own inventory.

Fluorescence is the ability of the diamond to glow in ultraviolet light. It is graded from None to Very Strong and can change the appearance of a diamond’s color. Faint fluorescence has little to no effect on a stone. Medium and strong fluorescence can actually make a low color grade stone appear whiter, but can make a colorless stone appear hazy or oily.

So when your personal diamond experts locates a number of diamonds through our worldwide loose diamonds network, you will get to see photos of the diamonds, prices and certificates to make your first selection. Diamond certificates are a very important part of buying diamonds. They provide accurate and reliable information regarding the quality of loose diamonds. There a number of diamond grading labs available that issue certificates, but by far the most accurate is the GIA. They were the first to standardize diamond grading, and they are the ones that developed the systematic grading using the 4Cs – carat, clarity, color and cut. The certificate is linked to the specific loose diamond by using a GIA code, it’s like a license plate for a car. The code is laser inscribed on the girdle of the diamond, which is only visible under 10x magnification (and honestly even difficult to read then) and connects it to the certificate you hold in your hand.

EGL’s grading system looks similar to that of GIA’s, but is actually quite different. A good guideline is to subtract one clarity grade and three to four color grades from the EGL grade to get the true GIA grade. For example, we would expect an EGL VS-2 H to grade SI-1 K/L if sent to GIA. Nothing wrong with buying an EGL stone, as long as you understand this and pay accordingly.

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